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August 22, 2007
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The rebirth by ancalinar The rebirth by ancalinar
I've actually started working on this a long long long long time ago. In 2006. I actually remember working on it on December 31st. Anyway, I've worked on it as much as I'll ever work on it, because, though, I don't know if its done, I won't touch it again, so up for ridicule it goes. I also believe her pose could be fifty times more expressive, but since I can't manage even that, I give up.

Sort of an illustration for one of my favourite songs, FortySix and Two... Of course, the song's allegory is pretty selfishly wrapped up in an illustration of Nulmiril, changing.

Her powers, if you will, are shadow-walking, so, in a sense, she was an appropriate medium for expressing my thought. You can imagine the shadow consuming her, letting the fiery rage subside, or, you can see it as her bursting out of the shadow, inner self aflame with new power that came from healing, self-discovery, etc.

I do want to hear your thoughts on what this means to you, if anything.
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desertmoondragon Jan 2, 2008  Student Filmographer
it kind of feels like it's a mix between anger and sadness, first your sad, because something bad has happened to you. and then you feel angry, because you feel violated. then in an effort to remain composure you hold back your anger, and this makes you even more sad/upset.

kind of like a vicious cycle. she seems like she's really torn up about something.
desertmoondragon Jan 4, 2008  Student Filmographer
aww...thanks. thats just what i got from it:) i'm glad you like thoughts instead of pushing them away lol!
ancalinar Jan 3, 2008  Professional Filmographer
Ooh. I like that interpretation. :]

Thank you for sharing it, it is always nice to hear fresh thoughts about my work.
Puchiko-Chan Oct 9, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is amazing. I think that this should deserve a DD. :]
mimchen Aug 25, 2007   Interface Designer
wow, amazing! phoenix from the ashes...
I opened this page up and thought to myself, "Hey! You! You've seen this before somewhere! It's familiar!"

Then, after several minutes of absent-mindedly skipping from one thought to another, I returned to my original thought and realized that I've already had this picture gracing my computer for 6 months and a handful of days (I checked).

I am t3h winz0rz!
Very nice colorcontrast.
To me she looks as if she finally lets out all of her anger... like she's had to hide her feelings for too long, keep them hidden in the shadows if you like. And now it all comes out... with strands of shadow still trying to hold her back but miserably failing... Absolutely gorgeous =)
Ktew-Inc Aug 22, 2007   General Artist
I think this is SO beautifuL! I think of that firey passion we feel inside when something it important, or we have to fight to struggle through the darkness that life can be. This would be BEAUTIFUL on a black shirt...would consider letting someone put it on a shirt?
more stuff like this plz
Satan-Jyunanagou Aug 22, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
I love it
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